Feb 19, 2010

Vimby, News and Beyond

So, to say I have been busy would be an understatement. Unfortunately I can not show most of the projects I am working on. But come summer all will be revealed! OhNo!Doom is coming along swimmingly and we will soon be opening our third show of the year (oh man, its almost march already). If I am not at the studio you can usually find me at the gallery. work work work...

In other news, there is a video of me up on Vimby! I can't watch it without judging myself but feel free to take a look. Watch me here: http://www.vimby.com/home/lana_crooks/14/2259/

Mr. Tastees also dropped by the studio! I am not formally trained as a costume designer but its awesome when someone thinks I am! http://mrtastees.com/?p=1392

I have 2 shows on the horizon, The Last Unicorn show opening in tandem with C2E2 (more info to follow)


my two woman show with Missmonster called "Ladies and Gentlemonsers" opening June 12th at Revolution Tattoo (WHaaaaaaaaa!)

Earlier today I was going thru my google alerts and found this delightful write up about my last show. Thought I would share...i get all warm and fuzzy when I read about people liking my stuff. A big thanks to the author of this review, it really inspires me to keep it up!

Review // OHNO!DOOM Presents: Trophy
A few days ago we mentioned an artist by the name of Lana Crooks during a review of Rotofugi Gallery’s latest group show, “My Kind of Town: Chicago Artists Group Exhibit.” Little did we know that Crooks would be conducting her own solo show, “Trophy,” at OHNO!DOOM’s Gallery a day later. It goes without saying that we held a certain size of excitement for the soft sculpture artist, especially after viewing one of her pieces a day earlier, and we weren’t let down one bit. Crooks embellished the usually dull space of the gallery by taking us into her world with a constructed faux fireplace complete with a vintage inspired wallpapered wall. Above the mantle of the fireplace hung a soft sculpted buck with a few spools of yarn entangled throughout its antlers. It was the theme of taxidermy that gave Trophy its charm, and the extra amount of detail with fabric covered mounting boards are what gave it its elegance. Unlike other popular soft sculptors, Crooks was able to successfully convince the audience that her style and craft had merit and relevance in the increasingly growing field by using mystical creatures for the subject matter and allowing our imaginations to bridge the gaps when needed. She also had a few collaborations with artists: Max Bare and Shawnimals, both of which displayed work with her previously. Seamless in conception and execution, her collaborative work proves just how much of a grip Crooks has on her medium and how aware she is of the places it could go in the contemporary art world.
If you missed the opening don’t fret, her work will be hanging in OHNO!DOOM’s Galley for a few weeks, so come on down with a coke and a smile…your inner plush monster will thank you.
The original article can be found here. following it is another article with another great write up on Rotofugi's My kinda town show.

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Carol said...

Hey Lana... How are u? I'm Carol, form Brazil, and I heard of youre job today. So I decided to come and check it....And I LOVED!!! It would be very nice to see more of the things that u do, Im very interested! My email: carol_m_lara@hotmail.com
Hope u have a great day!