Aug 20, 2014

2014 Designer Toy Awards

Hermees is a finalist!!! I'm kind of shocked and very humbled to see this news. Hermees, my collab with Gary Ham, is up for Best Plush, Best Collaboration and Toy of the Year (AND Fan Favorite… whaaaaaa?!).

Thank you so much to all who nominated us, not to mention everyone that adopted one of the Hermees pieces! Voting for fan categories is open now at one vote per person per catagory. Show your favorites some love, even if it isnt this piece! Lots of luck to everyone!!

Voting for fan categories is open now at! One vote per person, per catagory. Show your favorites some love, even if it isnt this piece! Lots of luck to everyone!! Hope to see you at the Award Ceremony at NYCC!

Aug 14, 2014

The Internets!

I just wanted to boldly state that, after this weekend, there WILL be an awesomely updated and moderatly rehauled website called
This is all.
Thank you. :)

Jul 22, 2014

Lana Crooks x Gary Ham: Sylvan SDCC 2014

Gary Ham and Lana Crooks continue their ongoing collaborative series — the Ham & Crooks Collection — wherein Gary's iconic characters are transformed by Lana into cute soft sculptural forms. The newest member of the Collection's family is Sylvan, an adorable 19" x 14" satyr that has been completely handmade out of wool and fleece with embroidered signature. Wearing a laser etched numbered wood tag, Sylvan will be made in an edition of 10 pieces with only 5 being available at San Diego Comic Con Booth #5139 for $285 apiece. - See more at:

Lana Crooks x Scott Tolleson SDCC 2014: Old Beetaronomy

Scott Tolleson's "Deadbeet" design has received the plush makeover — again — from soft sculptural artist Lana Crooks. This new version, a wizened wizard named "Old Beetaronomy," is a 19-inch tall plush piece made out of various textiles that have been hand dyed and finished with signature embroidery. Able to stand on his own with the help of his trusty wood cane, this figure has posable limbs and leaves. Limited to an edition of 5 pieces, each with their own 'digitally' signed & numbered wood tag, the initial three handmade versions will be available at San Diego Comic-Con Booth #5139 for $300 apiece… and they come with a surprise bonus! 
See more at:

Jul 18, 2014

Lana Crooks x Jungle Boy Productions - Kitsune SDCC '14

Walter Gatus's Jungle Boy Productions paired up with Lana Crooks to make an adorably cute character in plush for them: a critter named Kitsune. Sharing its name with the Japanese word for 'fox' (狐), it should come as no surprise that this pudgy 12-inch tall fellow is indeed a stylized fox itself. Completely handmade from various textiles and wearing an etched, numbered wooden tag, Kitsune is closed release with a maximum of 30 pieces being produced, the first 5 will be making their debut at Jungle Boy's San Diego Comic-Con Booth #1417 for $180 apiece. 
- Clutter Magazine

May 31, 2014

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!
A Super Summer Sale will occur this Sunday!

I have uncovered a few remaining small run plush pieces, drawings, gallery work and various items from my studio in a massive deep clean. I would love to rehome these items (and make way for new work) via my shop, Etsy and Ebay in an effort to raise funds for 2 events:

* First 30% of every sale will go to PAWS Chicago and I will be running their charity 8k on June 21st! There will not be a coupon code, everything will already be marked on sale.
* Second, 70% of each sale will also go towards the funding of my jaw surgery in 6 months. 
Every little bit helps so stay tuned for direct links and details!

May 5, 2014

Conjuring Mischief

Conjuring Mischief opened this weekend at Stranger Factory! This is a custom Skelve group show and the Third anniversary of the gallery. I am honored to have a piece in the exhibit. Check out the pieces and maybe even adopt your own Skelve here:

My contribution is Stigr's Skeletal Suit 
Made from Wool, Epoxy Clay, Acrylic paint on Cast Resin

His mask is completely removable via hook and loop at the parimeter of his hood. 
I had a lot of fun working on this piece and got to do some things I rarely get to do.
The Exhibit runs until June 1st 2014