Jul 13, 2016

Werifesteria and other available works

I had such a great visit and opening with Myplasticheart for the opening of Werifesteria, I cant believe it  was so quick. The turnout was simply amazing and I am thankful for all who came out for it, near and far. It has been a honor to curate the show and to work with these talented ladies! If you missed the reception the exhibition runs until August 2nd and pieces can be viewed and purchased direct from Myplasticheart's site! (Pssst…they also have some of my little hearts)

The gallery also took some really great photos, all of which can be viewed on their flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/myplasticheart/sets/72157668013884223

I am now on my way to my next adventure, one that takes me away from the Internet for a while. If you have been looking for any of my one of a kind pieces please feel free to contact some of the galleries I partner with. Below are a few direct links to galleries carrying my work:

Stranger Factory NM: This just in, pieces from Japan are back in the states and available through the gallery as well as a few other creations and collabs - http://www.circusposterus.com/product-tag/lana-crooks/

Archimedes Gallery OR: Pieces from Lore are still available but contact the gallery to inquire -

Clutter Gallery NY: Clutter has some of my limited edition plush and a special Luke Chueh Bear head at the moment - https://shop.cluttermagazine.com/products?result=lana+crooks

Arch Enemy Arts PA: Pieces from Imaginary Menagerie 3 are available to view and purchase here - http://www.archenemyarts.com/#!imaginarymenagerie3/q0r4t

Also SDCC is right around the corner… that means a collab from myself and Scott Tolleson will be available from booth 5139!

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