Mar 24, 2010

Oh my! it's almost April...

Just when I think I can take a break, I wake up and find more things that need to be made and more deadlines that need to be met. I have been working non-stop on some rather large runs of various plush, some crazy products for C2E2 and SDCC '10, been working hard at the gallery and trying to get pieces done for my (and Missmonster's) show in June! Whaaa! I am not currently able to show pictures of much of anything I am working on...except...

I have a new piece up for Rocket World, Sun Tzu!! This is a Raffle for my ONE-of-a-kind, 100% eco-friendly hand-made plush. AND all the money goes towards The World Wildlife Fund!! Please donate to the cause and who knows you may win...go to: or stop by the Rocket World HQ in San Fran. to get your tickets and see this happy bear in person.

Thank You and Good Luck!! Back to the fabric mines I go...

Handmade Limited Edition by Lana Crooks aka the "Plushinator".
Organic cotton fleece.
Bamboo fiber and bamboo batting.
Hand dyed sheep's wool.
Wood eyes.
100% cotton thread.
Ecospun felt (made from recycled plastic bottles).
Approximately 16" sitting upright and 20" in length.
Small handmade skull included: approximately 4" x 5" 7".
Super limited edition of only 1 piece!
Hand made in Chicago.
Retail value of $ 350

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