Jul 19, 2012

Septenary & Adventure Time!

Two weeks ago we opened Septenary at OhNo!Doom Gallery, my second curated sculpture exhibit at this space. The opening was awesome, almost all the artists were present and we have heard lots of great feedback (to which we are super grateful)!

Melissa Sue Stanley, Jake Waldron, Amanda Louise Spayd, Myself, Miss Monster
The exhibit runs through August 4th, so there is still plenty of time to check out the show if you missed the opening extravaganza! If you are not in chicago, this could prove difficult... good thing we have an online gallery: http://shop.ohnodoom.com/collections/septenary

My contribution to the artistic portion of this exhibit include:
Still Life
A small cut felt study, about 5" on wood
Blodeuwedd (The White Lady)
My fair lady-barn owl inspired by a
Celtic Owl myth. About 13" tall
Hand sewn and feathered, accompanied
by sewn thistles on wall mounted board
Acorn Jack
Jack Rabbit and keeper of the
corduroy acorns. About 14" tall
Hand sewn on wood plaque

I had a great time creating these pieces.. The owl proved to be one of the more difficult ventures with all the feathering I had to do to get the right look. I will be posting work in progress sets for each piece on my Tumblr too for detailed shots and a more in-depth look at what it takes to make these critters: http://lanacrooks.tumblr.com/

And..... coming up quickly is the Adventure Time Tribute Exhibit @ OhNo!Doom Gallery! Opening August 11th... its going to be quite the art show, judging by the pieces I have seen coming in. 
I'm also very excited to produce my (hopefully) life size Jake and Bat sized Marceline. Here are a few sketches.. not sure what pose Jake will be in just yet...

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