Jun 29, 2012

Next Up!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone that nominated me for the 2012 Designer Toy Awards! It is amazing to see my work has so much support and I can not believe how many nominations were cast for me. I may or may not make it to the short list or even win but I am super grateful!

2012 Nominations:
- Break Through Artist of The Year
- Best Self Produced - Puffer Puss Plush with Martin Hsu
- Best Self Produced - War
- Best Collab - The Duchess with Amanda Louise Spayd
- Best Collab - Puffer Puss Plush with Martin Hsu
- Best Plush Design - Coralmari 
- Best Plush Design - War
- Best Plush Design - Puffer Puss Plush with Martin Hsu
- Best Plush Design - The Captian

In addition, I have a couple shows coming up in the next two months! So what are they?

June 30th: Bear and Bird Gallery (Located inside TATES in South FL)

Sew Nerdy: Group show
June 30 - August 11
My Contribution to the show is The Robot Devil from Futurama!

July 7th: OhNo!Doom Gallery, Chicago

Septenary: A Selection of Seven Sculptors
Lana Crooks, Miss Monster, Chris Ryniak, J.Shea, Amanda Louise Spayd, Melissa Sue Stanley & Jake Waldron!

I have the honor of not only being in the show but curating it as well.
Opens July 7th - August 4th

July 7th: The Cotton Candy Machine, NY

Tiny Trifecta: Curated by Tara McPherson
Each artist was asked to create 3 tiny pieces, each retailing for $100. This is my second time doing this show and I am grateful to be a part of it. Below are my three wee arts...

August 11th: OhNo!Doom Gallery, Chicago

The Adventure Time Group Show!
Stay tuned...

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