Apr 28, 2011

April News!

The last couple weeks have been super busy, but what else is new? I have filled up the to do list again...and have decided to start triathlon training. I am currently working on some secret projects, my new website (www.lanacrooks.com) and pieces for my 4 person show in July.No rest for the plushinator.

But, what I am really stoked about are the new Designer Toy Awards! I have received nominations in a couple categories (squeeeeeal):
Best Plush Design

Break Through Artist
(this whole write up is really amazing and sweet)

and Best Collab

A brand new batch of these Cafe Grumpy Beans are on their way to NY. There are 40 in this bunch.
I will keep my fingers crossed on these awards :D. Please check out http://www.designertoyawards.com for all the categories and all the awesome nominees! You can even vote on a select categories that are open to public voting. I know I will be. The winners will be announced in July...TBA.

Before I forget, here is an image from the "You Lucky Bastard" show in Seattle:

I'm Lucky? Complete with plush rabbit foot keychain

Off I go to keep plushing. 

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