Mar 22, 2011

Coming up for air...just for a sec.


So much happening I am having trouble keeping up! This past weekend was C2E2 here in Chicago. We at OhNo!Doom had a rad booth, selling our wares. Will be posting some more of my Atomic mint cones, our new golden Idol button packs (i have a squid pin in there), our new tote (my drawn logo appears on the front) and various other goods online soon. I will post a link when that goes down. New show is going up in our gallery space April 2nd (Beast Friends: Keith Noordzy & Kali Meadows). Busy Busy...

What else is new? Lots...
Oh! Before I forget... I have a new twitter account! @lanacrooks is the place to be for random short sentences about releases, art events, what i am eating and where I am going. ;)

I also have a new Facebook page! Hope you like it and maybe tell other people that may also like things of this sort: Blog!
I recently posted a brand new interview with Tara McPherson! You can read the whole thang on the tor site.

Upcoming Shows!
Exciting exciting news! New York, April 9th (7pm to midnight) I will be part of an amazing event; The Tiny Trifecta show curated by Tara McPherson at her new shop: The Cotton Candy Machine!! I will post a photo of my piece when I put it in the mail ;)

Seattle, April 23 (7pm - midnight) I will be in an Assembly Line Collective show called You Lucky Bastard @ 1022 1st Avenue South! Again, photos to come:

Chicago, July 9th @ OhNo!Doom I will be showing with Amanda Louise Spayd, Doktor A and Chris Ryniak! My plan is steam punk armored viking-like critters...we shall see how it progresses.

Denver, December ? @ Illiterate Gallery The OhNo!Doom Show (myself and the other 5 doomers bring it to the mile high city) more info...later

I created puppets for the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum here in Chicago. Weaver Birds!!! The exhibit opens in April and will be a six month adventure in tying knots with a bird head and foot..haha. I will post photos of the assembled exhibit when I go visit it next week.

Until they are:

Okay, I will be locked up in my studio until mid April. Have an awesome project in the works. Trying to catch up on orders, update / change my website, making more Cafe Grumpy beaans, writing my monthly blog and remember I should have a day off every now and again. womp womp. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for amazing updates!

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