Sep 9, 2010

It Lives! Renegade craft fair and a general catch-up

I have been so busy these past couple months that updating the blog had to be put off in order to make my own ridiculous deadlines. Lots coming up (I might forget something). Besides anumber of other secret and on-going projects I also have my wedding (that isfastapproaching). I have spent a couple weeks making my dress and after this weekend I will take some more time to actually finish it. But here is what is in the immediate future:

Renegade Craft Fair! Sept. 11th & 12th
I will be sharing a booth with Steff Bomb (booth 229). We will both have an array of plush goods.

I will have a bunch of new stuff! Mini Skulls, Sleepy Sea Stars, Grey Cranky Anchors, Surly Sea Stars (shipmate), Ticked Off Time-pieces, Antlers, Glow in the dark buttons and I am scheduled to pick up my new tees tomorrow! There are some other goods I am attempting to get done...but we shall see.

Soft Served: A plush group show:
I am also curating a group plush show over at OhNo!Doom. December 11th. I know its a while away but who knows when I will update this again, eh?

Also here is a number of things that I had no time to do a proper post about:

Cafe Grumpy / Andrew Bell collab:
In July I finished the first shipment of delightfully angry beans. Andrew Bells grumpy bean has been brought to life and resides in Brooklyn at Cafe Grumpy (an amazing coffee shop). I made 60 of them in total (with their own hand-made and screen printed jute bag) and I believe the green version sold out quite quickly. The Dark roast version is still available at the Cafe Grumpy store but there are only 2 left! I will be making another run of them for the holidays but not sure on colors or qty at the moment.

Rocket World Yeti:
I did survive another San Diego comic-con. Even tho I did spend part of Saturday in the ER with a spider bite. My Yetis sold out Friday Morning. I worked on some of the yetis there (live art or some close facsimile). Here is a short photo journal the SDCC10 journey...minus the ER.

Ladies and Gentlemonsters:
My 2 woman show with Missmonster is over...but I still have some pieces available. I will be putting available work up on my etsy after Renegade.

Forty Winks

Sherlock Houndstooth

collab with Mismonster

I am sure I am forgetting something but I need to get back to hand sewing various grumpy plush for this weekend.

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Keith said...

These are brilliant. Love 'forty winks'. Sublime.