Nov 8, 2010

October was here but now it is gone...

Good Evening!

Well, what can I say, October was one very busy month! For one, I was busy making my wedding dress, making various steam punk wedding fodder and getting married. :)

What a fine looking bunch of folks!

October 23rd: I was honored to provide Tara Mcpherson with some plush for her solo show, The Bunny in the Moon @ Jonathan Levine in NY. My first fully posable soft sculptures! I was stoked to be able to see the show in person. You too can check out the work here... And check out the write up about the show on Juxtapoz (my name may not be 100% correct but thats okay).

Into the future:
This month I catch up on various paperwork and get the next set of projects in order. I guess my vacation is over...

More Cafe Grumpy: I have started planning for the coffee flood! When I finish up the next run of these plush beans designed by Andrew Bell, I will post a link... I also got the opportunity to get a cup of coffee with the man himself. Let me tell you, that is one fabulous cup of coffee! In NY? Head over!

December 4th
Stuff This @ Rivet: I will have a couple pieces there! It's my 3rd year being part of this show...I plan to have a couple new monster heads.

December 11th
Soft Served @ OhNo!Doom: I am curating an epic soft sculpture exhibit! So, excited to see the fabric whirlwind. If you would like to get on the preview list (and see art early) please feel free to sign up here:

I will also be starting a new monthly blog and some other secret things... Will try to update sooner than later!

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