Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

After a nice relaxing Xmas in Seattle I am back and slowly returning to work. Today I will be making various to-do lists under various catagories. I will then assign them a timeline and hopefully that will solve my "too many things in my head" problem. Exciting right?

Just a couple things before I get to work on my amazing new years eve list making...

OHNO!DOOM GRAND OPENING!: The grand opening of our new space has been pushed back. January 16th! This will also be the opening date for our Rock The Future Charity show (Curated by Sadie Woods). The place is coming together wonderfully...can't wait.

Rocket World:
I decided to look and see if my bears were online. They are! But, they are sold out! Thanks to those who purchased them and are giving them a good home! I am currently working on some other mysterious things for them...more details will follow. ;)

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