Nov 4, 2009

More Tales from the plush mines...

The Thought Processor show is still up...go see it! OhNo!Doom: 2955 W. Lyndale

OhNo!Doom Presents: PhonetiControl's Thought Processor

Been a busy weekend, somewhere in between being sick and tired I amazingly got a lot done. Got the keys to the new gallery space and found some awesome fixtures! Hooray for progress! So excited to start putting the place together. Until then I will be busy making a lot of plush.
A lot...of...plush. There are the beginnings of 4 different collaborative projects this month. No shows slated for November but plenty coming up in December... Anyway on to the updates!

Rocket World:
I have begun on my Super-limited edition Titus Plush. I will be posting information as they come together... Stay tuned.
I have received a lot of emails recently about my plush skulls... And...since each Titus plush comes with a Rocket World edition Skull that means I will already be knee deep in skull production. Therefore, I will be making my original series skull at the middle of this month. Just telling you now, there will be very few of them. I will post an update when they are available for sale through my bigcartel shop and then you can fight it out.

BigCartel & Etsy:
I have 4(total) new Surly Sea Stars (Shipmate edition) available on both my Etsy and Bigcartel shop as well as pins and larger pieces. Just sayin.

Who has the plush?
Today I packed up two more pieces bound for Munky King in LA (older pieces online, new ones coming soon).
Rotofugi has my piece for the Chicago show (and it is available online!)
Art Whino in DC has a handful of my work (also available online)
Fly Bird in Oakpark, IL now has some of my work as well. Antlers a plenty. Head on over and check out the mural while you are there!

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