Oct 19, 2015

Conventions, releases and available works

Slowly but surely I am getting back to work after taking 3 months to recover from double jaw surgery If you are curious about all of the specifics about the surgery I have been keeping a blog on the subject: lanasfaceoff.blogspot.com

New Site!
You may notice lanacrooks.com looks a little different… besides a long over due update I have changed some things around. Larger thumbnails, newer work is now highlighted (older works are now in the "archive", and it is finally mobile responsive. I was a fan of the old layout but I had to get with the times and the smart phone won in the end. I have a few more pieces to edit and add but all in all its ready for visitors.

I was unable to attend this year's NYCC and Designer Toy Award ceremony but I did recieve some great news from the event! Gary Ham and I are the recipients of another DTA! Best Non-Plastic goes to the Sylvan Plush!!!

He's a little shy…
I am super shocked by this award and am completely appreciative to be receiving it! This was a handmade edition of 10 pieces and in the next month or so I will release the very last of the run.

Later this month I will be headed to Illuxcon in PA! Since I am now cleared to fly I thought it would be a great first outing. I know many artists that participate in this imaginative realism convention / art show and this will be my first time attending. My work will be represented at the Everyday Original booth (www.everydayoriginal.com)

DesignerCon is also fast approaching (Nov 21 & 22) and I again will be there, sharing a booth with Scott Tolleson! I am unsure what I will have on hand this year but will post specifics as the event gets closer.

Available Works:
If you are in the market for an original sculpture please check these locations:

Here I release smaller originals on an almost bi-monthly basis. Check my instagram (@lanacrooks) for specifics on each release.

Stranger Factory / Circus Posterus
There is still a handful of works from my Mourning Apparitions exhibit (with Kathie Olivas and Michele Lynch)

Now to get back to work!

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zerry ht said...

Thanks my friend for the details concerning these conventions. I also attended this imaginative realism convention/art show at the domestic convention center in PA. It was truly very interesting event. I would like to be the part of such events again.