Jan 10, 2015

New Releases!

The Sylvans are coming! Spotted in the Winter Wild, 5 brand new tricksters. They are looking to come in from the cold and find their forever-homes. 

Only 10 exist, 5 have been adopted from 2014's SDCC. Another piece from the Ham and Crooks collection, Sylvan is the brain child of Gary Ham and has been hand-made by Lana Crooks.  Approximately 20" tall by 14"wide, each critter is hand assembled out of fleece and wool. A signed and numbered etched wood tag accompanies each piece. 

Adoptions begin Friday, January 16th at 12 noon CST and begin travel to their new homes on Monday. 

I will also be releasing a few more Finch Under Glass pieces in the same shop at the same time! With 2 more brand new releases in the next couple months. 

Currently available works:

Auguste Clown Gallery in Australia may still have a few pieces from Wilderness. Check out their selction of Oddities here: http://www.augusteclown.com/oddities.html

And for other specimens check out Circus Posterus, Rotofugi (available in store or over phone/email), or Arch Enemy Arts

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