Oct 14, 2014

It's October!


Octo 10 - Nov 9th
Stranger Factory's annual Halloween exhibition takes place in Albuquerque, NM . I was invited to submit some sculptures this year, below are my 4 contributions:

Top: Silence, Top Left: Corvus, Bottom Left: Sweet Tooth, Right: The Return
 Check out http://strangerfactory.com/exhibitions-current to see the show and to purchase pieces from the exhibition

NYCC 2014

I have been in NYC since the con started last week. It was crazy busy this year. I have 2 releases that are now open for online purchase!

Clutter Magazine Exclusive: Greasebat, a collaboration with Jeff Lamm

Limited edition (of 5) Handmade plush. 11" tall by 12"wide
Contact info@cluttermagazine.com
coming soon to https://shop.cluttermagazine.com

Lana Crooks x MPH

Rattus volatilis - handmade wool Pigeon skulls (under 4" glass dome) making their debut at the Myplasticheart booth. Bone and moss editions - soon available online. Contact sales@myplasticheart.com

The Designer Toy Awards

Hermees Plush wins Best Plush!!! This year I came away a winner in one of the 4 catagories I was nominated in with Gary Ham. Very excited to be awarded this honor…. now to get back to work!

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