Jul 22, 2014

Lana Crooks x Scott Tolleson SDCC 2014: Old Beetaronomy

Scott Tolleson's "Deadbeet" design has received the plush makeover — again — from soft sculptural artist Lana Crooks. This new version, a wizened wizard named "Old Beetaronomy," is a 19-inch tall plush piece made out of various textiles that have been hand dyed and finished with signature embroidery. Able to stand on his own with the help of his trusty wood cane, this figure has posable limbs and leaves. Limited to an edition of 5 pieces, each with their own 'digitally' signed & numbered wood tag, the initial three handmade versions will be available at San Diego Comic-Con Booth #5139 for $300 apiece… and they come with a surprise bonus! 
See more at: http://www.cluttermagazine.com/news/2014/07/lana-crooks-x-scott-tollesons-old-beetaronomy-plush-deadbeet-sdcc#sthash.MTDamljj.dpuf

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