Nov 5, 2013

Lana Crooks x Scott Tolleson

"Clutter Gallery Director, and Plush Producing Queen Lana Crooks has done it again. Done what you ask? BLOWN OUR MINDS, is what. Working with Scott Tolleson she has brought to life his amazing Deadbeetcharacter in terrifying plush form - yes TERRIFYING PLUSH, didn't think that was even possible." - clutter

Deadbeet (Fresh Edition), he is produced in a run of only 5, exclusive to DCON. Standing at 18" tall, and yes he really does stand, each piece has embroidered details and signed and numbered etched wood tag. Fully posable and made from Hand-dyed wool and Fleece each piece is priced at $200. First come first served, booth #233 - Good luck! 

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