May 20, 2013

Current and Upcoming Events!

Stitched has come and gone and I just want to again thank everyone that participated, joined us at the opening and for those that visited the virtual show from afar! 
Photo by

I am Currently participating in a few shows that have recently opened! 

The first is Supah Mash-up Art Party at Leanna Lin's Wonderland in CA: May 11th - July 14th

For this show I paired up with the one and only Steff Bomb to create a three piece ode (al a mode) to Pie!  Pieces are available for view and purchase here: Leanna Lin's

A show that also opened May 11th was 
Play, curated by Julie West for Dragatomi:
"Flying Squirrel" is a soft sculpture on an Vintage pull toy. You can see him in person at the gallery until June 1st! He is online as well over at: Dragatomi

Coming up Next:

Uglycon at Giant Robot! Opening June 15th and The 3rd Annual Tiny Trifecta at 

Work in Progress photos over on my Instagram, Facebook & Tumblr

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