Jan 8, 2012

Hello, January!

Normally, January comes around and I spend one week in a food induced stupor, playing video games and napping... then right back to the grind. What is different this time? Well, I am playing video games and I am not sewing... Not sewing for the month of January.

I am currently very busy rebranding, building a new site, making new cards not only for myself but for OhNo!Doom gallery as well. We are both hitting reset and coming back to work with a BANG!

To hit the ultimate reset I will be literally taking to the sea. In 10 days I will be embarking on an adventure to the Galapagos via the NatGeo research vessel. Hopefully there are limited Kraken attacks...

Here is what I (personally & professionally) hope to accomplish this year:

  1. Hot New website
  2. New crazy products
  3. Survive my adventure at sea
  4. Take at least one full day off a week, starting with two with the hopes of maintaining one
  5. Survive both a half marathon and triathlon 
  6. One new sculpture a month (for no real reason)
  7. A slew of new shows and collabs
  8. Create my first pair of handmade shoes... ooooo
  9. Read a real book a little each day
  10. Update my blog more often (yay)
I will be back in February to unveil all that occurred in these 31days.. Happy New Year, see you again soon!


Amanda Louise Spayd said...

I fully support this operative :)

Lana Crooks said...

haha! Thanks, Mandi!