Aug 25, 2011

Running for PAWS!

On Sunday, September 25, 2011, I will be participating in the Tenth Annual Run for Their Lives 8K Run to benefit PAWS Chicago! I have also been working to raise money to support PAWS Chicago’s targeted spay/neuter, innovative adoption and community outreach programs.

Until the week of the race I am having a sale on my Etsy page to help in the fundraising effort. With Coupon code RUN4PAWS you can get 20% off your purchase, for every purchase (even the large art pieces) made with this coupon I will donate another 20% directly to the charity! Some people have been even messaging me asking to use the 20% they would save towards the charity, thanks you guys! I have listed all of the art currently in my possession (thanks to the help of my assistant Veronica). I have had a great start but have a long way to my goal...

PAWS means no more Carpathian kitten loss

 I have also had a great start to my training and i am pretty confident I will not parish before the finish line (Do not worry, the charity still gets 100% of the money I raise even if I am picked up by paramedics). 

Tanuki filling our kitten supplies basket

My furry child, Tanuki, was adopted from PAWS, now she has a very loving home. If you would like to donate directly or just keep up to date on my progress you can do so here, My pledge page ! Any help to spread the word is (super) appreciated! Pass the info along, the puppies and kitties thank you! 

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