Aug 13, 2009


Today I finished a piece for a show opening Sept. 25th at Rotofugi (More on that later). Here is a progress shot...Thats all I am posting until the show opens. Muwahahahah...

I just cut fabric for the next giant piece for my solo show (which opens Sept. 26th @ OhNo!Doom). I do not know how many images I will post of the pieces before the show... would at least like some of it to be a surprise, that and I have a huge amount of stuff to make in very little time. But, here are two random photos of my studio:


My view

This is where I will be living for the next month. I will post a couple pics of the other side of the room when it isnt covered in fabric scraps, coffee cups and paper.


D at seafoodpunch said...

holy crap. that is wicked awesome. Reminds me of what surprised me from underneath a platter while visiting some friends in the middle east once.

You have some amazing talent. Where is your next show going to be?! I would love to go. I might get a slight panic attack from the goat's head, but I'll live.

Lana Crooks said...

Thanks! The goat will be at Rotofugi on Sept.25th
My solo show will be at OhNo!Doom Gallery Sept. 26th

Yosiell Lorenzo said...

more studio pics MORE!