Feb 9, 2009

I'm Back....

So, life has been crazy. Sadly, Virgin is slowly wrapping things up and I have been working on some different visual jobs. I have also been running around with the constant feeling that I have forgotten something I had to do. Today I am playing catch up and this weekend I am off to Vegas for a little R&R by a pool, drink in hand, and ignoring my email. I am sorry I am neglecting you my dear sweet blog.....but I will make everything right after I take some photos this week.

What's New?
I am just about to ship out some skulls I made for Toycyte.com's new shop. Photos to come shortly...Packing up some commissioned work and getting ready to start on another show in NY.
But right now I am working at the gallery preparing for our 3rd group show in a row....sheeeeeesh.

The 2nd Annual A.Okay loves Chicago Train Art Show! (whoot)
Ooooh gotta go work on some PR....Come out and see the show if you are in town. The work looks pretty awesome! Photos of my piece for this show... also coming soon.

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