Jan 6, 2009

I'm just giving it away!

This interview / contest posted today and there seems to be a lot of buzz around it. I am honored to have been asked to participate. And I am their first plush artist to boot! Can you come up with a clever name for my plush skull series? Go here: http://www.toycyte.com/customonday-win-a-custom-skull-plush-by-lana-crooks
I am not looking at the names as I am reading these entries so don't try to butter me up with sweet talk. ;)

Hooray! I have been located again...on boingboing.net

A Sealed Fate
My animal themed/friendly work will be projected on the walls of the space before the screening of Nigel Barker’s film and possibly at the after party as well.

This specific screening will be at: 
The Silver Room in Chicago, IL (1442 N. Milwaukee Ave) on Wednesday, January 7th from 7-11PM.

Munky King
I have a couple pieces for sale over at Munky King in L.A. 
7308 Melrose Ave. (x Poinsettia)
Los Angeles, CA 90046

More to come....

I have some plush monsters up at A.Okay Official's Fresh exhibit up until Jan. 11th. Stop by @ 3270 N. Clark 


Jeremy said...

Awesome work!
I stumbled upon your site through Boing Boing.
I really dig your plush art!

Very inspiring! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Very happy to see how good you've gotten!

Do some shows in Seattle ;)