Nov 4, 2008

My Crazy Solo Show

My opening at A.Okay Official's Gallery was a hit! Thanks to everyone who made it out to celebrate 8 months of hard work. If you weren't there here's what happened:

Fatblood provided the amazing vinyls for the gallery windows. They are crazy involved. His hard work really shows!

My corresponding store window at A.Okay Official

Arkady Roytman came in from NYC to show some love.
My Mom...unfortunately blurry...came in all the way from Seattle.

DJ Madrid provided the Jams. I wouldn't have had it any other way. If you have the chance to go to any of his events... do it! I am even flashing my broken finger...the party was that good.

Lee and Charley, clearly up to no good.

The First Drop provided delicious vegan goodies. Best vegan cookies ever made!

Impromptu dance party!!!

Paolo Demands that you ROCK!

Danny Davis trying to be front and center of every photo

If you did not make it to the opening don't fret, its up till the 30th....Also, it's online here. Granted only the larger pieces are up on the online gallery. If you want a skull or other multiple you have to go there to get it.

There are also write-ups all over the place!

The Chicago Reader

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