Aug 23, 2008

An Upcoming Show and 2 New Additions

New Group Show: Wax Burner

I will have a painted piece up for this one. I am excited to see how these look all together. A.Okay Official- September 12th

If you are in the area of A.Okay (3270 N. Clark st) stop in! I have recently finished the remodel of the store interior. Brand new window displays on the way soon. I will post pictures when the store is 100% complete.

In other news...

A small sample of the two new plush for my solo exhibit at A.Okay Official. There is another new piece on the slab. It is giving me a little issue at present...meh. I have to finish this piece tonight or I am afraid I will disown it.

1 comment:

Ben Newman said...

Hi! i just stumbled across your blog from a comment on david palumbos site. those plushies are very appealing! i really like the one with the squid hugging the diver... its even got a little plushie heart! thats attention to detail. good stuff!