Aug 11, 2008


There has been an Octoplush sighting! My best friend in the whole wide world, Arkady Roytman, called me today. He informed me that he found my work on How delightful! I am very happy to be part of the directory of wonderful things. Here is the post.

Irene Gallo has also posted a welcome for me on Here

Seems to be even more! Another small write up at Our Decent into Madness.

Back to the sewing machine for me! 


Teneisha R. S. Jones said...

oooh, you are officially my new plush maker hero.

Lana Crooks said...

Thanks! :)

She Fights Like a Girl said...

Plus MAKE magazine's lil sister, CRAFT, repeated from boingboing:

I love them completely. Perfect subject matter, awesome execution, personality to spare. :D

Lana Crooks said...

That's fabulous! I love Craft. Thanks.