Aug 14, 2008


Accidentally Disarme

A sneak peek! This guy is one of my contributions towards OhNo! Doom's Corpse Show. Information on date and times to be updated at a later time and date. 

Thought I would take a break from the 2 pieces I am sewing simultaneously. I have another piece swimming around in my head too. Well, to be fair, I have 3 pieces up there...but they need to fall in line. I will post small details of those as I finish. Trying to keep the pieces for my show in November a slight secret. Never you mind two of them are all over the internet. Haha...Hooray!

Got a link today. Craft: magazine's blog. Thanks for sending that! Keep'em coming. It fills me with joy!

I have shows in California, Ohio, and of course Chicago coming up with in the next few weeks/months. Perhaps I can start sleeping again next year.


So, I have come to the conclusion that I need a new thimble. I am slowly losing feeling in my pointer and thumb from the hours of hand sewing I have forced myself to do today. The one I have is sub-par. Well then...back to the plush mines.

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Eriq Nelson said...

Oh my, plush mines. I can only imagine the fuzzy tunnels, endless carts of foam rubber creaking up to the surface and a thousand workers panning through it for beads and shiny bits.

Oh yeah, I love your plush monsters. I look forward to more Terrible Tentacled Things.