Jul 11, 2008

Ahhh, that new plush smell...

July will be action packed! The 23-27th I will be attending Comic Con. I have official business with some vendors for a brief stint. However, I will be taking orders for customs (I will also have a new book for sale). The book is a very limited release for the first printing and I will only be selling them at the Con. The second printing will be announced and available in the near future. 

July 25th is the Skatedeck Exhibit at A.Okay official. If you are not traveling out to the Con you should go to this!  Other people's photos of the show to be posted here.

Also, two new additions to the plush library. Both of which I will keep mildly secret...okay, just a peek. Glorious new photos of my work have been taken by Creative Image Services.

This piece is a collaboration I did with my friend Alex Willan. It will be in a exhibit called "project 57" at Distinction Gallery in California. The show runs from Aug. 9 - Sept. 6. The pieces will be auctioned off and money will be donated to The Lewy Body Dementia Association. So if you are in or around Escondido, CA you should stop by and take a gander. Perhaps you can even drop some money in the coffers. 

Now, I am leaving on my much needed vacation before the Con rears its ugly head. 

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