Apr 18, 2008

Another mysterious piece

I have been slaving over a hot plush for the past 2 weeks. I have another show coming up at the end of May. I will be doing some collaborative pieces for that one. And, I will actually be able to post those when they happen...Hooray! 

Dont forget, April 25th is the closing for the Get Knifed Returns show. The Gallery will be open between 6-10pm and there will be a good time had by all. It is on the Artropolis route so it is sure to be packed. As always, Pabst is available for all who are able to drink it. 
(1932 S. Halsted #201)

Here is a peek at my new plush. It is the second finished piece for my solo show in November. So, until then this is all I will post of it.

41" x 32"

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