Dec 12, 2007

Pilot with Plush

I was hoping to add photo's from my latest undertaking but, I am not permitted to post them. I was doing plush props, wardrobe, and a number of other things for an MTV pilot created by a couple of my friends. So, as soon as I am cleared to post these things I will and I will be very excited about it. 

In other news, A. Okay has 3 new pieces from my growing plush collection. One of them being Pandora's present. I will post photos of Octoplush: Baby Blue hopefully this week. 

I have another 2 plush to make, the rest of the book design to finish, a new gallery piece, the rest of the film shoot, and the preparation for the next MTV insanity all before my b-day next week. On that day I will retreat to Seattle for the holiday-fun-fest. Back to work!

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