Nov 10, 2007

Thanks part 2

My newest endeavor in the world of plush. It was quite the ordeal making a completely hollow birthday present out of nothing but fabric, foam, and fiber-fill. The whole time I was making it I kept thinking back to my sister's wedding where my friend Tim decided to call someone's backpack "Pandora's Backpack". This was followed by "You have released me from my prison" and wild hand motions. It was so funny I had made a drawing of a toothy beast coming out of a Jansport ages ago. Next I will have to do a plush based on the "Fishing for owls" fiasco. Anyway, I had created this piece for the Get Knifed Gallery's latest opening.  The theme was "Thanks".

Title: Thanks for the...OH DEAR GOD! (Pandora's Present)

The show was pretty rockin. Unfortunately most of my photos did not turn out. But, here are two that may be deemed acceptable.

The place was packed and the Pabst was a-flowin. I stopped taking pictures when I realized it was just going to be a bunch of blurry bodies. 

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Julien alday said...

Argl ! My net crashed before I finished my previous comment, but again: great stuff here, I enjoy this one a lot ! ^^
And thanks for stopping on my blog.
Hope all is well, Lana.